The Very READ-y Project

The Very READ-y Project is a collaboration between two Winnipeg non-profits, Bookmates Inc. and Manidoo Gi Miini Gonaan Inc. Its goal is to address the issue of school readiness through the training and delivery of early learning and literacy programs, workshops and events. Funded by The Winnipeg Foundation, the project centres on the Point Douglas area of the city. By focusing on community strengths and capacity-building, VRP ensures that parents and community workers play key roles in supporting the learning and development of Point Douglas children!

We Offer:

  • Customized Program Support
    Our Outreach Worker will visit you to discuss how we can support your organization
  • VRP Volunteer Team
    Our volunteers can assist with program and community events.
  • Monthly Peer Networking Circle
    For child care and family program staff working with children ages 0-6
  • Moe the Mouse™
    Trainings, toolkit distribution and facilitator mentorship
  • Other trainings and resources

For more information contact the Outreach Worker and visit The Very READ-y Project on Facebook.

Highlights of The Very READ-y Project at our “Breakfast with Bookmates” event

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